The Fighting Temeraire (1838) by JMW Turner. Photograph: National Gallery/Corbis

Climate change is more than just a threat to the global environment. It is the harbinger of a historical era fundamentally different from anything human beings have ever experienced: An era characterized by the prospect of a holocaust claiming hundreds of millions, the eradication of most biological species, and the transformation of what it means to be human itself.

Blending academic and journalistic writing, “The Anthropocene” offers perspective on the climate crisis, analyzing the interrelations between human societies and the atmosphere that houses them. Ultimately, the focus is on politics: How our economic systems and political institutions propagate climate change, the resulting injustice, and the way forward.


Johnathan Guy and Sam Zacher, both recent graduates of the University of Chicago, administrate and edit this publication. Johnathan majored in political science and philosophy, and is currently working as a researcher in India. Sam majored in political science and economics, and works as a legislative aide in the Colorado General Assembly.

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